About Ranchi Yoga Culture

Ranchi Yoga Culture established "Yoga Therapy" on 2nd September 1992 (Office Lalpur) estb.1989. The objective of this organisation is to dedicate its services for betterment of human health with the help of Yoga which we have inherited from ancient of India and which is the result of prolonged and scientific research by ancient Hindu sages.Yoga is a science,culture & Sports.


We are working in this line for last 26 years. We are taking classes in almost all leading schools (I.C.S.E., C.B.S.E.,Jharkhand Board and Bihar Board) and different club. We are organising Yoga field programmes, Yogic culture stage show, different modern Yoga show,and live Yoga show at Ranchi and outside. We are also associated with "all India Inter School and club Yoga championship" (Yogoda Satsang Society of India) which is an affiliated body of "World Yoga Society", Kolkata. Our instructors are trained from Sports Authority of India (SAI) patiala,Kolkata and Banglore.

Yoga is a living science, one that has evolved over thousands of years and continues to evolve in accordance with the needs of humanity,Compiled by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, the eight limbs are the progresssive series of steps on disciplines which purify the body and mind,ultimately leading the Yogi to enlightenment:


The origins of Yoga have been speculated to date to pre-vedic traditions,it is mentioned in the Rigveda but most likely developed around the fifth and sixth centuries.


Yoga is meditative means of discovering dysfuntional perception cognition,as well as overcoming it for release from suffering,inner peace and salvation.


Yoga,as a technique for entering into other bodies,generating multiple bodies,and attainment of supernatural acomplishmennts